Working with us

OTI endeavours to form the broadest possible alliance on achieving its vision “a just, equitable, democratically pluralist and socio-economically stable Sri Lanka”. Hence, it provides following opportunities for a broad-range of actors to collaborate with OTI:

Joint Projects/Programmes

OTI entertains joint proposals from likeminded organisastions/individuals through an intense review process for relevance, credibility, feasibility and inputs vs outputs/outcomes. Click here to send a brief Introduction/Concept Note to OTI.
Note: The confidentiality of the proposal/s till the implementation agreement/s is signed and ownership of the concept/s will be strictly respected.

Funding of projects/Programmes

OTI operates on external funding from foreign governments, international foundations, development partners, business community (CSR project funding) and philanthropists. It exercises great care in selecting funding sources. If you are interested in exploring the funding opportunities (component, full project or core-funding) click here to send us an introductory note and you will be contacted for verification purposes.

Consultants (Voluntary)

OTI believes in knowledge & expertise. Thus, it provides valuable opportunity for retired government officials, international civil servants (both local & expatriate), academics, journalists, free-thinkers, etc., etc., to contribute to the dialogue process on related disciplines. If you are interested in putting your years-long experience and invaluable knowledge to achieving “a just, equitable, democratically pluralist and socio-economically stable Sri Lanka” click here to send a brief introductory note to establish coordinates.


Capacity building and training is an in-built character of the OTI process and it is extended to:

  • school leavers
  • fresh graduates (local & foreign universities)
  • budding politicians (at National, Provincial and District levels)

The interns will be groomed in the fields of:

  • Programme Management and coordination
  • Facilitation (based on conflict resolution and problem solving approach)
  • Research in the related disciplines

Moreover, the interns will have the opportunity of liaising with political stakeholders from across the spectrum. It you are interested in a short-term (2 weeks to 3 months) and mid-term (3 to 6 months) Internships click here to send a brief Statement of Purpose and detailed CV.

Post-Graduate Researchers

OTI provides post-graduate research Supervision | Guidance | practical training |assistance for thesis writing through academics/practitioners with authority in the related subject disciplines. If you are interested in obtaining this valuable service click here to send the synopsis of your proposed research and detailed CV for us to contact you.

OTI Services

OTI provides following services using cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to international agencies, political parties, national/local authorities and likeminded organizations on demand (nominal fees applicable):

  • Background research on national policy in state building | democratic governance | rule of law | human rights |sustained economic growth and the like
  • Draft national policy/legislation in above mentioned areas
  • Draft Ministry Circulars/Protocols
  • Base-line research and surveys
  • Statistical data research (population, ethnicity & religion on both political and administrative divisions-wise)
  • Back-ground research on parliamentary issues (service free of charge for member political parties)
  • Drafting questions to be raised in parliament (service free of charge for member political parties)