Sri Lanka Development Bond auction: US$652mn sold

Sri Lanka has sold 652 million US dollars of bids dollar-denominated bonds in an auction for 750 million dollars Sri Lanka Development Bond styled securities.

150 million US dollars of 9 -month Sri Lanka Development Bond were sold at 7.40 percent after getting bids for 151.10 million

151.97 million US dollars of 15 month bonds were sold at 7.59 percent after getting bids of 156.97 million dollars.

150.15 million dollars of 2 -year bonds were sold at 7.75 percent after getting bids for the same amount.

200.03 million dollars of 3 year bonds were sold with all offers accepted.

0.48 million dollars of 2 year 9 month bonds were sold at 6.99 percent after getting offers of 0.53 percent.

The debt office said a window will be kept open until 1200noon on 30.04.2021 for any investor to buy bonds at the weighted average yield.

A tranche of 693 million US dollars Sri Lanka Development Bonds are maturing. Yields have picked up from an earlier auction.