Sri Lanka issues Covid-19 warning as ICU admissions rise

Sri Lanka’s Health Promotion Bureau has issued a public warning of a Coronavirus breakout after the April festive season saying Covid-19 intensive care admissions are rising and asking the public to minimize travel and follow health guidelines.

“With the increase in the risk of corona infection in Sri Lanka, a rapid increase in admission of patients in intensive care units has been observed,” the Health Promotion Bureau said in a public notice on its facebook page.

“While the scientific data review and information study on this is already underway, we as a public should all be very careful about this growing situation.”

HPB did not elaborate on ICU admissions data.

HBP blamed the situation on a ‘decrease in following health guidelines.”

Sri Lanka has also re-opened schools and some are holding morning assembly bringing all students together along with teachers, parents said.

Confirmed cases reported had risen from 263 on April 12 to 604 by April 19.

Sri Lanka has reported 645 Coronavirus cases on April 19, up from 114 on April 12.

The state information office reported 5 new deaths, taking the total confirmed deaths to 625 so far.

The HPB asked the public to minimize travel and those having symptoms should behave to protect others.

Sri Lanka has so far confirmed 91,894 cases.

A new strain of the Coronavirus was also spreading, the HPB said.


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