OTI Directors Meet Minister of Justice

The Board of Directors of One-Test Initiative met with Hon. Minister of Justice, Ali Sabry PC, to impress upon the need to ensure an inclusive process in the making of a new constitution for Sri Lanka.  In meeting held at the Ministry of Justice on ____, the OTI board brought the attention of the Minister that in recent decades Sri Lanka has brought about many reforms and every government since 1970 has been involved in some form of constitution-building process. However, making an inclusive constitution has been a challenge. A constitution must be a supreme document that creates a sense of belonging to all people and communities in Sri Lanka.

As Sri Lanka has commenced drafting a new constitution, the process of making it requires that all political parties and communities are involved in it. In the aftermath of armed conflict, constitution building is set to play a fundamental role in creating sustainable democracy in the country. Many constitutions are no longer only about outlining the mechanics of government, but also about responding to these broader challenges in a way which is seen as legitimate and widely accepted. As the demands placed on constitutions have increased, they have often become complex and lengthy, and hence more challenging to design, as well as implement.

Hon. Minister agree on the need to have an inclusive process and said further that the expert committee provides a point of departure for the purpose. The Hon Minister and OTI Board of Directors agreed to work together where, OTI, as a multi-party platform for political consensus building would contribute its expertise to design an inclusive process for consultations and drafting a constitution. An base position paper was handed over to the Minister.

The meeting was chaired by Hon. Minister of Justice Ali Sabry, PC. OTI was represented by a delegation led by Chair, Ameer Faaiz. Hon. Prof. Charitha Herath, Mr. Shiral Lakthilaka and others represented OTI. Hon. Minister’s Private Secretary, Mr. Janaka ___ also participated in this event.

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