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OTI process

Our Vision

Achieving a just, equitable, democratically pluralist and socio-economically stable Sri Lanka

Our Mission

To provide a trusted & resourceful platform for finding middle ground for competing policy interests of political stakeholders through sustained dialogue at National/Provincial/District Levels

Organizational Strategy

To generate consensual policy options (‘One-Text’ documents) through problem solving approach & critical thinking in facilitated dialogues supported by action research, capacity building, expert inputs (technical), advocacy & lobbying to eliminate data, value, relationship, structural and interest related conflicts

Overall Objective

Promoting a national policy framework for creating unity in diversity through state building, democratic governance, adherence to rule of law, human rights and sustained economic growth.

Specific objectives

  • facilitating the discourse on social change brought about by a developing market economy
  • creating enabling environment to promote State’s duty to protect and corporate responsibility to uphold human rights