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  • Budgeting with a Results-based Management Approach

    If anything is desired about the resource strained budgets in Sri Lanka is prudence and direction. It is said that if you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there. This lack of direction is what Results-Based development Management (RBM)is supposed to avoid. It is about choosing a direction and destination first, deciding on the route and intermediary stops required to get there, checking progress against a map and making course adjustments as required in order to achieve th

    read more by - Nov - 28
  • Impact of Black Money on Sri Lankan Economy

    The informal credit market or the extent of black money has been estimated at approximately 13 billion rupees or about 6% of annual GDP. It is difficult in the absence of relevant data to quantify, on a definite basis the quantum of foreign money held undeclared by resident persons abroad or the informal foreign exchange market and the entire underground economy (Inland Revenue Department, 2020).

    read more by - Nov - 25
  • Utilization of modern technology in agriculture in Sri Lanka - 'a story not heard by policy makers'

    The contribution of paddy cultivation to GDP (2019) was 0.7% and that of vegetable cultivation was 0.6%. According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, nearly 25% of the country's labor force is employed in agriculture and agriculture (fertilizer subsidy) accounts for 9.2% (2019) of government subsidies. In this situation, serious problems (shortages and rising prices) of the basic agricultural products such as rice, vegetables and coconut develop annually, creating serious complications not onl

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  • Today is the third day of the budget committee discussion

    At this time, the allocation for the expenses of the mass media and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs will be discussed.

    read more by - Nov - 25