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Cast your Vote on August 5th! Do your duty by the country!

Democracy is a treasured legacy of Sri Lanka. As one of the earliest countries in the world to exercise universal franchise, Sri Lanka’s electoral tradition has survived nine decades. People have participated in choosing their governments despite deadly epidemics, civil unrest and armed conflicts. However, the challenge posed by Covid-19 is unprecedented mainly due to the highly contagious nature of the disease. Besides, the health challenge has disrupted everyday life and routine economic activities to such an extent that a recession of global scale has been predicted to affect economies around the world. Unless averted or properly managed, the health and economic crises have the potential to escalate and transform into political crises as well. In this context, where volatility dominates, it is important to achieve political stability. An election, therefore, is an opportunity to refresh the country’s politics with the participation of all citizens. Low participation in electing governments has been proven to result in governments that do not truly represent the wish of the people, leading to an erosion of public trust. Therefore, One Text Initiative proposes this election to be considered as an occasion for citizens to perform their duty towards ensuring stability in the country by casting their vote to the political party of the group of their choice. In line with its belief, OTI facilitates an appeal from political leaders from across the political spectrum to the voters of Sri Lanka to cast their vote on August 5th.

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