Sri Lanka exports up 9.4-pct in June 2021

Sri Lanka’s exports grew 9.4 percent from a year earlier to 978.2 million US dollars as the sector battled a fourth wave of Coronavirus, falling a little short of 2019, with the US, UK and India being top buyers, the export promotion office said.

Apparel grew 3.0 percent to 414 million US dollars, tea grew 7.8 percent to 123 million dollars, rubber products were up 38 percent to 123.9 million, coconut products were up 8.6 percent to 70.6 million US dollars.

Electrical and electronic components were 21 percent to 37.6 million US dollars, spices and concentrates were up 12 percent to 35 million US dollars, diamonds and jewelry were up 100 percent to 20 million US dollars, while petroleum fell 55 percent to 13 million US dollars.

In the 6 months to June exports were up 27 percent to 5.56 billion US dollars. Sri Lanka went in to a lockdown in May 2021 as a new wave of Coronavirus hit.

“The results are due to the sector specific interventions of all stakeholders and the Government, along with the commitment of our exporters,” Export Development Board (EDB) Chairman, Suresh D. de Mel said in a statement.

The US was the top buyer of Sri Lanka goods, purchasing 221 million US dollars, 8.6 percent in June.

UK bought 77.6 million US dollars, up 18.7 percent, Germany bought 64.9 million US dollars, up 19 percent and India bought 58.4 million US dollars, up 2.5 percent.

Italy bought 48 million up 3.2 percent.

Strong growth was seen in the Netherlands, where exports grew 42 percent to 31 million US dollars, and China grew 30 percent to 23 million US dollar.

Australia grew 22 percent to 20 million US dollars. (Colombo/July20/2021)

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