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Scenario Building Toolkit


Any environment that an organization is operating in is competitive, dynamic, changing and full of uncertainty. Operating in a political environment requires an organization to continuously assess changing trends and drivers that shape this change. It is only by analyzing these drivers and developing contingency strategies to meet contextual and possible future challenges in a dynamic fashion will an organization be successful and sustain its activities in a political environment. Therefore an organization will evaluate the efficacy of their present strategies to deal with imperatives of change and if necessary institute correctional measures or design new strategies to address any possible gaps in stratagem. In designing strategies an organization would benefit from understanding the environment around in a twofold manner:

Both these strategic objectives require a good information base, intelligence & frameworks for strategic analysis & assessment to proactively act before the impact is felt. Hence, this Tool Kit is designed to aid organizations operating in a political environment to design possible future scenarios to be utilized in strategy development. 

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